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    Using the 2.4" TouchScreen on the GPS Build - Ideas for Software?

    Christopher Stanton

      So if you haven't seen it already, there's a TouchScreen availableTouchScreen available from element14 for the Raspberry Pi. Now the current Control and Display on the GPS build is somewhat limiting with what it can display, so I was thinking that with what you can do with the TouchScreen means we can have a lot more data there.


      However, is it straightforward? It doesn't seem so to me, what could I run as software?


      There's some portable GPS build for Geocaching, but it seems to be made only for Nokia phones https://www.danielfett.de/internet-und-opensource,software,agtl (it's even designed for small screens! agh!).


      So I considered making a HTML page that could work with the sensor(s) and such, which may even work to embed a map (for example chromium can run in kiosk mode as you power on the Pi). Unfortunately we can't get access to the Geocaching.com API (even with a paid account) so cache details still need to be added manually, maybe?


      So what're your thoughts/ideas?