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    2.4" TouchScreen & Geocaching - A Directional Query

    Christopher Stanton

      Hey everyone,


      Hope your build's coming along, we've seen some great posts so far by dmedlow , cmelement14, and screamingtiger I understand there have been problems with the shim (and you've been very creative with it, too!) and there's also been some discoveries over the command strings for the Microstack GPS device!


      So I wanted to advance the build using the 2.4" Touchscreen that was released a few weeks ago (yes I know that the 7" Touchscreen is now a thing but I like a challenge, and keeping things small).


      I'm encountering a difficulty, or a fork in the road!


      The screen resolution is 320x240 and we can render whatever we like to it, an easy solution would be to just copy what's going on with the PiFace Control & Display, but just a terminal output is a bit horrid.


      I thought, we could either do something GUI based within a Window Manager for Raspbian, or code a web page, which may give us greater access down the line.


      A few suggestions have been:


      - nodeJS

      - OpenStreetMap

      - Python GTK/QT GUI


      What're your thoughts?


      Hopefully we'll see something from these guys soon!