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    Where is the best place to start?


      Hello element14 community.  I am a complete and uterly new beginner to both electronics and computer science.  My background is what you would call a little more rustic meaning im a 15yr  veteran of military.  Ive always been fascinated by technology.  Recently i came across a bunch of old clunky equipment that we use in our unit and i tasked myself with getting it to work.  It was mostly "plug n play" equipment used for surveillance.  I however (very poorly and probably very wrong) was able to get it back to a working machine.  I learned to hard way of soldering back leads and cramming a bunch of 80's tech into smaller casings (i also burned up a button camera by applying to much juice..lesson learned).  But it has sparked an interest in electronics.  If you ask my wife she will tell you that my hobby is collecting hobbies and in true fashion i started researching.  So my question is, where is the best place to start with learnig to a) write code, b) which microcontroller should i start with, and c) what else am i forgeting?  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.