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    Premier Farnell no longer issuing CMRT after 31st October


      With the evolving nature of the Conflict Mineral legislation requirements Premier Farnell has taken the decision not to issue CMRT templates for franchised suppliers.

      As Premier Farnell does not trade on the New York Stock Exchange there is no obligation for it to provide Conflict Mineral details. However we are aware that a large proportion of our customers and their customers require this information.

      To this end we have been providing CMRT to our customers when they have been requesting them. However after 31st October 2015 we will no longer be providing rolled up CMRT for the products we supply. Instead we have created a dedicated Conflict Mineral statement page on the Element14 Community site which contains the information we have been able to obtain from our suppliers.

      Depending on their responses this page contains the supplier's CMRT, Conflict Mineral statement, a link to their Conflict Mineral webpage or contact details to request the desired information.

      This page can be found at:


      If you do not see the desired information listed on the page this likely means that we are still awaiting information from that supplier

      If this is the case please contact global.legislation@element14.com

      We will issue our final CMRT on 31st October



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