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    Newer Members, How has your first few months been here on element14 Community?

      For those of you who've joined recently (in the few months or so) how has your experience as a member of element14 Community been?


      Have you earned your first badge yet?  Have you asked or answered a question?  What brought you here and what do you hope to get out of your experience on the Community?


      Have you participated in our Join the element14 Community Costume Party! ?  Or the fun Word association game


      New members, we want to hear from you!


      Nicole Fusz,

      Community Manager

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          Tony Beck

          I have noticed there are no comments on this yet...... so thought I would be the first!!


          So, I have been a member on here for around 6 months, but have only really started participating since the end of December.  I now realize how much I was missing out on - the experience so far has been excellent and I wish I had got involved years ago!


          My initial attraction was through the RoadTest program..... I have seen the RoadTests advertised a number of times on my Facebook feed and always thought the idea is pretty cool - getting free kit in return for writing a review. 


          When I saw the RoadTest for the AVR-IoT board, I thought it is ideal for use on one of my other projects, so would make a great basis to test it.  So, I applied and to my surprise got picked!  At that point, I don't think I had got involved on here, so decided to have a good look around and start getting involved.  Before long, I was hooked!  The volume and quality of the content on here is fantastic! 


          I really love how the whole community is set up - there are so many things on here to keep any community member interested and motivated to get involved!


          I think the RoadTest program is fantastic - not only because you can get your hands on some great products for free, but it gives you chance to share your experience with the community, get feedback and you can learn from others experience. 


          The Essentials modules are brilliant as well!....... Such a good, diverse range of useful information - I have learned a lot from reading through them.  The quizzes at the end are a great idea as it re-enforces key points.  Earning badges is also a great way to motivate and keep track of what you have covered. 


          The point system is also a great way to motivate a member to get involved - It gives a goal to aim for and certainly for me, encourages me to add content and comment on others content.  Even without the point system though, some of the content on here and feedback / comments from other members is really excellent and stimulates some really good discussions.


          I can genuinely say that in the few weeks I have been getting involved, I have really enjoyed being involved in some of the discussions and have learned a lot! There are some key members that I have noticed that consistently contribute some really high quality content.  Some of the projects that I have seen on here are amazing!  


          Going forward, I want to contribute some of my projects and things I have learned which I hope will be interesting and useful!   I really look forward to continue to explore on here and to learn lots from the other members.  I am pretty sure that I will also find plenty of inspiration for future projects! 


          Whenever I have a technology question, I know exactly where to come!  I was very pleasantly surprised with the responses I received on my question about using a Raspberry Pi for industrial uses.  The comments I received from other members were incredibly useful and I will certainly be using the information for my future projects both from a hobbyist POV, but also at work.



          The biggest negative for me, is finding enough time to spend on here - with a young family and full time job it can be hard to find lots of spare time to come on here!  But I am looking forward to staying involved and hopefully do some more RoadTests and enter into some of the Project14 competitions. 





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