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    Your Breakdown of Raspberry Pi Customization

      You might have just seen the official joint announcement from the Raspberry Pi Foundation and element14 regarding an exclusive new customization service for the Raspberry Pi, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject.


      Bulk Customization Services

      The facts are these:


      You can now open a dialogue with element14 about creating a Raspberry Pi that's tailored to specific needs, on orders of 3,000 units or more. You can reconfigure the board, add new functionality, add or remove features, change the memory configuration; pretty much anything besides tinkering with the GPU and related software. A full breakdown of the service can be found here: Raspberry Pi Customization Service



      Cooking Up a Custom Raspberry Pi

      Eben UptonClearly this is aimed squarely at OEM manufacturers, suppliers and bigger companies due to the minimum order quantity, but such places are still populated by engineers and makers who'd be the ones that determine just what a customized Raspberry Pi would require for specific needs.


      So we thought it'd be valuable to get the element14 community's opinion on this new service.


      Will companies find a lot of use for it, and what might they need a custom Pi for?


      Which kinds of customization are likely to be the most popular? Expansion of the device, or minimization?


      Give us your predictions on the future of element14's Raspberry Pi Customization Service below, and who knows how it might evolve.