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    Pin out documentation for the RPi 2 B


      Hello Community, I'm new and this is my first "post".

      I have a Raspberry Pi 2 model B v1.1 and I have not been able to find any information on the 40 pin GPIO interface.  Everything so far relates to the older models with the 26 pin GPIO.  So far the 26 pin map has not led me to fry my RPi2B.  However, the warnings about burning out pins and the RPi due to lack of circuit protections raise flags (no warm fuzzies here).  Some of the discussions here are a little dated as to the availability of documentation.  Also Michael Wylie and Paul Ellison provided links to a good user guide (thanks both of you).  This guide, however, does not have a full map of the GPIO pins.  That's a little sad actually since some clear pin outs were described, and the author(s) clearly were knowledgeable of the pin outs.

      So here is the question.  Does anyone know where I can find the GPIO information for this Pi?  It does not have to be pretty...just accurate.  I can always clean it up and share it with the community (as long as it's not a copyright issue).