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    Live Stream of Raspberry Pi in Space

      untitled-14.pngRaspberry Pi... IN SPACE!!! (SPACE... SPACE... SPACE... SPACE...)


      You've probably heard about the Astro Pi; an initiative that's put a couple of Raspberry Pis onto the International Space Station for astronaut Tim Peake to use as part of his six month mission. These augmented RPis are equipped with the Sense HAT to monitor the atmosphere within the ISS, and how the station moves through space. It's a very exciting project, and one we're watching closely.


      Very closely, in fact. And so can you.


      The live stream of the mission kicked off at 10:00 GMT, and docking of the Soyuz TMA-19M spacecraft is scheduled for 17:23 GMT, with the hatch opening and press conference taking place at 18:45. At which point the Pis will be waiting (in weightlessness) for Tim to get asrto-hacking.


      Check it out right here.