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    Is there an area for new members to introduce themselves?


      Good morning from the UK!


      I'm a brand new member here at Element 14 and I am wondering if we have somewhere new members can introduce themselves and find out a bit more about element14? I had a look around the website but didn't see anything immediately obvious. I figured I'd click the "Start Discussion" button and just ask you guys. It seems there's an award for an answer anyway!


      Anyway, I've just taken up a job as an Electrical/Electronic Engineering Lecturer in the lovely Garden of England (Kent for the philistines) so that's my simple motivation for exploring the web for communities like element14. I'm very much looking forward to the years of fun and Making ahead


      (I've just been told by this page that i have to select a group to post in so I'm trying 'member'... maybe this is the place?