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    Looking for some help on picking a microcontroller.


      So, I am working on a project that runs 100-120 LEDs in parallel. I would like to be able to use a little programming to add effects. For example, i would like to use pwm to make them fade on, when i power on the device. I tried doing this with an attiny85, but that maxes out at 40ma of current. so even a test string of 10 LEDs was way too dim. I need a microcontroller that is programmable and can handle 2 amps of current. I have an arduino uno and am familiar with a few different attiny chips. But, i'm not afraid to pickup a different development board. I'd also like the microcontroller to be able to comfortably fit inside of a round tube with an internal diameter of .75" to 1". all suggestions, or microcontrollers to read up on are welcomed.

      Thanks, Derek