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    Is it possible to transmit and receive smell?


      Odor electronics a possible extension to the current electronics world that would revolutionize the entertainment & safety domains. The integration of odor into the electronic world has only attempts with some success. Also there has been some products in the market.


      Help me in the progress by your valuable comments below. Share me your experience if you have any


      I was able to collect and machine learn smell information and replicating the same in my bachelor's degree project, which I will be posting here soon.


      I couldn't find time to recover my bachelor's degree project where I had used MATLAB's machine learning package. But I was able to remodel the whole system and using AWS Machine Learning service and Arduino MKR1000, I have developed a much similar project. The details of the same are posted here - Cue System for Anosmia and Smart WheelChair #11 - Machine Learning and Demo [Completed] and here - Cue System for Anosmia and Smart WheelChair #10 - Gas Sensors and Machine Learning in the 'Design for a Cause' design challenge space.



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