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    Step in to the virtual world with the Wrap 920AR



      Augmented Reality is fast becoming the new trend for military applications, gaming, and engineers alike but has been limited to a hand held display or crazy modified head gear. Vuzix has released two new products that will break down that limited AR wall for gadget geeks and propeller heads everywhere. For those of you with deep pockets and want the latest in new toys let me introduce you to the first of two AR glasses.

      The first is the Vuzix Wrap 920 AR eyewear which uses two cameras that project what you’re looking at onto video screens that make it seem as though you’re looking at a 67 inch screen from 10 feet away. The information or scene you’re looking at is then piped through your computer running MAXimum 3D software which brings Autodesk 3DS MAX models to life by using the information supplied by the eyewear. The software takes the information and renders it into a virtual scene which is then either sent back to the glasses or to your monitor. Kind of like the poor man’s holodeck from Star Trek. As it stands right now you need to have the MAXimum 3D software to be able to use the glasses which is bundled together with Wrap 920 AR. Although the glasses were designed for researchers, developers, architects, and animators, you too can now join in the fun of creating your own ‘virtual worlds’ for the low price of $1999.00.

      The next glasses Vuzix has come out with are the VR 920, which are designed for virtual reality as opposed to augmented reality. These glasses were made for the gaming community who play in virtual worlds like MMO’s and 3D games such as ‘Second Life’. The VR 920’s not only have the large screens built in but also audio, a microphone, and head tracking built in that lets you move your head and see what’s around you in the game your playing. These glasses do not require any special software to use and come in at a cheaper price of $399.95. For a list of supported games for VR 920 go to Vuzix’s website here: http://www.vuzix.com/consumer/products_vr920_support.html