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    n00b status - halp!


      Hi guys, I am a complete n00b to all things pi.


      My history:

      20 years ago in middle school I soldered a little r2D2 on a board to make his eyes blink with little lights and I attached a 9V battery. I had some sort of breadboard kit that I used to play with at home and I took apart clocks. I don't recall every getting the breadboard to do anything. Then in 1996 I discovered the internets and left hardware behind I do Information Architecture for a living which involves designing/wireframing interaction design and web and application interfaces.


      A few years ago I discovered kickstarter and found a little arduino robot by plumgeek, I backed two of them and I have successfully loaded sketches onto the little robot and even bug fixed the code that came loaded on him (nothing complex but I felt accomplished!).


      I bought my daughter the Kano computer on kickstarter a few years ago. We booted it up on our house tv and played with it a few times (it was a pi1) and they had fun but then the HDMI stopped working. I bought the powerup kit (to pi2) and figured out how to flash the SD card with the image of the kano OS successfully to update it. Took the kano to work and an IT guy there figured out very quickly it was jus the HDMI cable that was broken. Got a new one, up and running and the girls (6 and 8) have been playing on it like mad since and coding and having fun). FYI best thing ever to teach kids to code. AMAZING OS.


      In the mean time I heard about the pi3 and got myself on. I also have a bunch of spare parts from the Particle 3G kit I backed for my husband to play with.



      1. He took he particle kit through security at the airport, could that have messed up anything?

      • Particle board
      • 10 sensors for measuring acceleration, distance, temperature, humidity, motion, vibration, and gases
      • Particle Electron PCB
      • Particle SIM Card
      • Li-Po battery (2000mAh)
      • USB cable
      • Breadboard
      • Pinout reference card
      • Components for a sample product


      2. My kano came with something that looks like a pi-lite. I want to try to use it from my pi3 and rasbian. Any ideas if thats possible and how I would be able to talk to the lights? The light up when I attach them so they are getting power but how do I talk to them?

      kano led board

      3. Last night I got my pi3 up and running for the first time, I installed rasbian and then I got tightVNC to run on the pi, and then I got a VNC viewer on my iPad and I was able to play with my pi from my iPad which was super fun! It was a great first project. Now I have all the parts that came in the particle kit, the LED board from the kano and my fancy new pi3 and I want to do something simple but fun with them and I have not figured out any ideas yet. The particle comes with lots of sensors. I should probably start with just learning how to light up lights on a breadboard maybe? But then I was hoping to use the cool LED board to do that. I was thinking about buying a sense hat or a super tiny LCD to display numbers but then I thought I could just use the LED for a clock or something, or even words.  I want to create something useful and fun, maybe something that hooks into a weather API and tells me the weather for the day.


      Ideals and links welcome. I also have a soldering kit I got at barnes and noble (random I know!) and it comes with some LED buttons and batteries to make robot pins so I have those parts as well. I even have two tiny motors and a motion sensor I got in a tinker crate for my kids a while ago which I could repurpose to do something with. Looking for simple projects that will teach me the basics as I go.


      4, I learned how to connect to the pi via IP but it might be neat to learn more about network security and how to set it up as a server but keep my network protect (not add any vulnerabilities when doing it). It would be cool to be able to use the iPad from work and connect in to it.