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    I require BBView 7" setup help please.


      Can't get it to work..... Can't set it up.

      Beagle Bone Black.

      I don't want to use a new image.

      I want a clear set of instructions on how to add/compile any drivers ontop of my current image.

      Tried extending the SD memory to this:

      Filesystem 1K-blocksUsed Available Use% Mounted on
      rootfs       3360336 1863700   1322608  59% /
      udev           10240   0 10240   0% /dev
      tmpfs         101536 780100756   1% /run

      /dev/mmcblk0p1   3360336 1863700   1322608  59% /

      tmpfs         253836   0253836   0% /dev/shm
      tmpfs         253836   0253836   0% /sys/fs/cgroup
      tmpfs         102400   0102400   0% /run/user
      tmpfs           5120   5120   0% /run/lock

      /dev/mmcblk1p2   3610232 1843296   1580212  54% /media/rootfs

      /dev/mmcblk1p1 98094   98092     2 100% /media/BEAGLEBONE

      /dev/mmcblk0p2  10190136 1750108   7915740  19% /home/bbview


      Ideally I want to set up BB View within /dev/mmcblk0p2.


      Tried following instructions on numerous posts that simply don't work.


      Thanks and regards



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            Well the BB View fires up but then BB crashes after ~10mins.

            Also you can't update the headers on that image if you wanna do something else....

            I'll update this further when I have something.

            This BB is a battle! :-)


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                Hi Paul,


                Depending on when you got your BBB, it might have an older release of Debian, or an ancient release of Angstrom, so it does benefit from being upgraded otherwise there could be an uphill struggle to get later released products to work with it.

                I don't have a BBView so cannot help there, but regarding the crash, does the kernel hang or something? It could be power supply related. Also it would be good to connect a USB-Serial adapter onto the console (serial) connection on the BBB so you can see if the BBB is still running and just the display has hung.

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                Well its very time consuming:

                Tried different images and they all have their problems. For instance - one image has the uEnv.txt in /boot/uboot yet another has it in /boot. Tried migrating the help from another post to the boot dir but didn't work. One image I can get BBView to work but can't update headers.


                There is a lack of consistency with this product. Build on releases without breaking previous functionality. At the moment I'm guessing!

                I want an image I can get the BBView to work AND update headers (basic stuff...) so I can update the drivers for wifi. Sounds simple? Well please tell then b/c I'm wasting effort here.





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                    By 'update headers' I guess you mean Linux/kernel header files and not anything related to header/GPIO pins, right?

                    The files can be installed using an apt-get command, see here: Beagleboard:BeagleBoneBlack Debian - eLinux.org

                    (search for 'installing kernel headers' on that page).

                    I've not tried it, but looks like the commands are there.

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                        sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(shell uname -r) fails on an image I've been using. Others its fine....

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                            I can't really help without seeing what exactly failed. Could you paste the output? Also to be precise, what image are you using? The latest Debian image downloadable from beagleboard.org should generally be used.

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                              For example:


                              Is an official image.


                              I can update the headers and extend the file system memory. However:


                              The boot dir contains


                              SOC.sh      dtbs   uboot

                              System.map-3.8.13-bone79  initrd.img-3.8.13-bone79  vmlinuz-3.8.13-bone79

                              config-3.8.13-bone79      uEnv.txt


                              Yet in another official image:



                              The uEnv.txt file and dtbs dir are in boot/uboot


                              But on debian.beagleboard.org/images/BBB-eMMC-flasher-debian-7.5-2014-05-14-2gb.img.xz I can't update the headers.


                              The following instructions to get the BBView running, work on the eMMc-flasher image:

                              But i gave it a last try, and i found a way to make it work ! ( Ok it's not the newest debian, but it works and you don't have to compile soemthing )

                              1.) Download and install following this debian image :  debian.beagleboard.org/images/BBB-eMMC-flasher-debian-7.5-2014-05-14-2gb.img.xz

                              2.) Download "Debian Image" and unzip from here : element14: BB View LCD Cape Software Download Centre[1]

                              3.) Copy the files from 2 to BBB ( i copied it to /home/debian ) and execute following commands :

                              $ cp -f /home/debian/zImage /boot/uboot

                              $ cp -f /home/debian/*.dtb /boot/uboot/dtbs

                              $ tar -xvf /home/debian/kernel_modules.tar.gz -C /

                              $ cp -f /home/debian/xorg.conf /etc/X11/

                              $ sudo nano /boot/uboot/uEnv.txt                ( Edit uEnv.txt and insert the following two lines )


                              But I can't update the headers.....


                              Is there a way of converting the above instructions to the other "official" image that has a different boot structure?

                              Hope you can assist.






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                                  You're trying to do two different things I think:

                                  (a) get BBview working

                                  (b) get your WiFi dongle working for which you say you need the header files


                                  For (a) looks like you have it working using pre-built drivers

                                  For (b) you say you cannot install the header files using apt-get


                                  For (a) have you tried compiling the source? Then you're not tied to a particular BBB image


                                  But I can't update the headers.....

                                  For (b), still need the output, currently I have no idea what the error is.

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                                      I'm happy with bone-debian-7.9-lxde-4gb-armhf-2015-11-12-4gb.img/bone-debian-7.9-lxde-4gb-armhf-2015-11-12-4gb.img in that I can update headers and extend memory. Lovely.


                                      I've updated the procedure to boot the BBView. Its definitely "talking" to it but now failing on f/w load

                                      [0.922633] bone-capemgr bone_capemgr.9: failed to load firmware 'BB-VIEW-LCD7-01-00A0.dtbo'


                                      But that's a new issue. Hope I'm heading in the right direction.....

                                      tea time. Thanks for nudging me.


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                                        Hi Shabaz


                                        This is a standard released build.......


                                        root@beaglebone:/usr# apt-get -f install linux-headers-3.8.13-bone50

                                        Reading package lists... Done

                                        Building dependency tree      

                                        Reading state information... Done

                                        E: Unable to locate package linux-headers-3.8.13-bone50

                                        E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'linux-headers-3.8.13-bone50'

                                        root@beaglebone:/usr# uname -a

                                        Linux beaglebone 3.8.13-bone50 #1 SMP Tue May 13 13:24:52 UTC 2014 armv7l GNU/Linux


                                        I've almost given up on this thing.





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                                  And another thing that differs between the images is some I can extend the file system memory memory but others I can't:


                                  resize2fs /dev/mmcblk0p2  only works on some images. Took me days to figure that one out.