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    The Challengers - Who's Who?

      Make Life Accessible Design Challenge

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      Congratulations to the sponsored Challengers selected to participate in the Make Life Accessible Design Challenge:  rsc dougw armour999 delabassee grahamwebberjhb greenben214 alexpls fyaocn amgalbu troush118 abug carlosríosramírez



      The basic requirements were (but were not limited to):


      • Mandatory use of the NXP FRDM-KV31  FRDM-KV31  and FRDM-MC-LVPMSMFRDM-MC-LVPMSM to create a project to help those with accessibility constraints. 

      • Documentation of the project on the element14 Community. It is recommended that you produce these weekly, but not required provided the number of quality blogs exceeds 15. You can ask us anything at any time if you have any questions on how and what to post.



      To all Challengers: Help others follow and browse all content for your project by including the tag “MLA” in your blogs, videos and documents. All members love video, so vary your posts content types and share your tech imaginatively. Make sure you post your blogs in this space www.element14.com/makelifeaccessible so it displays in this space too.


      All those submitting atleast 14 blogs before the close of 5th July 2016 and complying with all other terms and conditions will be eligible for consideration by the judges.


      Good Luck!