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    New printer that prints cobblestone roads




      An ingenious new machine designed in the Netherlands by Van Den Elshout & De Bont, an infrastructure construction company, makes paving cobblestone roads very easy. The machine, called Tiger Stone, can lay 400 yards of brick per day. Workers need only to assemble the bricks in a pattern which the machine packs together and then slowly lays the brick onto a semi paved road. The company’s leaders think that Tiger Stone is a really great machine in that it is of tremendous physical relief to the pavers. On the other hand they are also afraid that the workers will lose the knowledge of their respective trade and ultimately become lazy in the process. Still however the outcome, this is one cool machine. To see a video of Tiger Stone in action visit:


      The next step will be pixilated roads featuring our favourite 8-bit and 16-bit video game pals. I can't wait.