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    JavaScript disabled because of pop-up

      I came to this forum to see an answer (not to post). I was immediately greeted by a pop-up which would not see me the content. So I screamed an obscenity, disabled Javascript, reloaded, and saw the content I came to see. But I noticed the message at the top: "Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page." Well if you didn't have a doggam pop-up I would have to disable Javascript, you know? P.S. Disabling pasting in this comment box is also a low blow. Come on! Be nice to us visitors! Or we won't come back!

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          Dudley Nelson

          I suspect what has happened here is that you have tried trying to access a piece of restricted content. This is content that can only be accessed by registered users. A link to the page you were originally trying to access would help me confirm that. An example of this can be seen here.


          But that aside, we're aware that the UI for restricting content is lacking - it doesn't tell you that you've hit restricted content and is an unfriendly popup that just asks you to login. We're also aware that this can be bypassed.


          Us developers are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea - on the one side, we want as many people to come to our site and have a positive experience, but on the other side, we want people to register. I personally would generally favour less restricted content so that more of the site is accessible and slowly entice people in, I think the general site would benefit greater from people who * want * to sign up, rather than people who feel they * have * to sign up. The current situation is proof that I don't always get my way


          This doesn't help you, other than saying that if you register and login - you'll get a much improved experience, along with a great deal of benefits, even if you choose to continue being a lurker ( there is no shame in lurking! I lurk on several forums! )


          It's also worth me mentioning that, as I said earlier, we're aware that the UI is lacking for the restricted content popup, and we're going to be putting in some UI changes to this popup in the near future.


          The thing that I have no answer for from your post though, is the postscript complaint of us not allowing pasting in the feedback dialog? I've not been able to reproduce that at all. With JS turned off, the feedback box is almost totally unusable, you can type in it, but you cannot see what you have typed. But even with JS turned off, you can still paste into it. I would love to know some more details on this? How had you accessed the post feedback screen?