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    PiZero Powered through CRT Components?


      Greetings all! Long time lurker and love to read everyone's projects, discussions, and debates.


      I finally picked up a PiZero (camera edition) because I want to recreate the CRT Raspberry Pi project featured here at Element14 with my son (5 year old). This was his idea as I started going around browsing and he hasn't stopped talking about this since .  Ideally, I'd like to use the circuitry from the CRT to power the Pi so I only have one power cord. I'm using a Sylvania SSC192 which has a VHS player on it. From what I see on the schematics, it looks like there is a 5V point available. Is it safe to solder onto this point and not damage the Pi? I will have an additional switch in place so the Pi doesn't have power running to it 24/7.


      I appreciate the help here, thank you!