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    Mounting mSATA in Gizmo 2? (or mPCIe)


      Hi All,


      I have a Gizmo 2 board, and I have a full-length mSATA card. The Gizmo has the mPCIe slot for the mSATA card, and there are holes in the PCB lining up with the mSATA screwholes. But, there are no screws, and there are no threads to screw into. So I can push the mSATA card into the slot, but there's nothing to hold it in place. It wiggles and falls out. Same for the screwholes at the half-card locations. Big PCB holes, but no threaded implants.


      Is there a kit for this? Should it have been included in my Gizmo 2 package?


      If no kit particular to this, what do I need to create what I need? What size standoffs, what size screws, and how do I get screw threads to put the screws into?