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    Copying BB black eMMC to BB black industrial eMMC


      Hi All,


      I have a big issue with copying the eMMC from one Beaglebone to another and cannot seem to find anyone else on the web who is trying to do this same thing so could really use some help on this. I'm stumped.


      I currently have a Beaglebone Black and a Beaglebone Black Industrial that have both been flashed with Ubuntu 14.04. I want to create an image from the eMMC of the Black and flash it to the Industrial. I have followed the guide found here: BeagleBone Black Extracting eMMC contents - eLinux.org  which seems to work perfectly when copying from Black to Black. However the exact same flash procedure when performed on the Industrial results in a non-booting card after the flash is complete. However, I've done this in reverse and copied the eMMC from the Industrial and flashed it to the Black, which was successful. But I absolutely need to be able to copy from Black to Industrial (and in the end do a flash both ways regardless of which type of BB the image was taken from).


      I have troubleshooted this for a couple of days and am getting no where. Even joined the Beagleboard IRC and looked into trying to copy the Industrial's bootloader to the Black but no success on how to even start that process. Something in the Industrial's bootloader or file system must be different that I'm not aware of. It's clearly stated on this site that the two boards are completely compatible so why is this simple eMMC copying procedure not working?? The autorun.sh script seems to copy the img files fine in all cases EXCEPT for Black to Industrial so I can rule out that's the problem surely. What am I missing here?


      Appreciate any help on this one!