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    Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Linux experiences on Gizmo2


      On my Gizmo2 I've installed a variety of operating systems. Some work better than others, but I'll try my best to explain what I've been able to (and not been able to) do over the past year:


      I'm using my Gizmo2 with a 128gb SSD with the PCIe detect pin taped over.


      1. Windows 7:

      Works. Works quite well, actually. Main limitation is RAM, 1GB really hamstrings you on what you can do. Runs out of RAM when doing Windows Updates, runs out of RAM when doing anything other than nothing. The only way to make it usable is to replace the shell with whatever I want to use. I have AMD's drivers installed, everything in device manager works EXCEPT for HDMI audio output and Realtek audio output. Can't seem to figure it out. Have tried every combination of AMD HDMI audio driver and Reaktek driver available, down to tracking down other boards with the same embedded APU. My first inclination was to try to use it as a Steam Link - basically streaming real-time video gaming over the network. Works quite well but the very slow GPU makes the Big Picture mode very very slow. No audio over HDMI also kills that possibility.


      2. Windows 10:

      Pretty much the same as Windows 7 except with even less available RAM.


      3. Linux (Linux Mint):

      Complete lack of GPU acceleration makes it very very slow. Audio over HDMI works in Linux. Not sure what GPU module the pre-flashed Linux distro is using but I couldn't find an open-source module that works as well.


      I've attempted to contact my element14 rep that provided the review sample, as well as the Gizmo2 hardware engineers and AMD and no one has been of any help.