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    Word Lens app lets iPhone users translate instantly, augmented reality



      Translating foreign text is arduous to say the least. We typically use Google translator but that requires the use of the internet to translate different web sites. However a new app for the iPhone will let you translate by using the phones built in camera. Called ‘Word Lens’, made by Quest Visual, the app is free but you can’t do any real translating until you buy add-on word packs that cost $4.99 a piece. The only available packs being sold now consist of only English to Spanish and vice-versa which is still pretty handy especially when traveling to Spain or Mexico. To translate simply point your phones camera lens at what you want translated and it instantly becomes translated without taking a picture or waiting for the image to process. The app also includes a manually inputted translator to look up different text. While the app translates about as well as Google it still has its flaws but still gives you an idea of what the text says even if it is somewhat wrong on occasion. The Word Lens app is available for download from iPhones app store.