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    Line in to Line out: Poor sound quality


      Question: Am I missing some setting in getting best sound quality when playing line in to line out?




      I have the card on a Pi3 and following the various advice here and elsewhere I have got line in playing to line out. The purpose is to give me a volume control between line output from a DAC (Cambridge DacMagic 100) and input to a set of powered speakers.


      When I connect the DAC to the speakers directly I get good sound quality. But the only volume control available is physically on touch buttons on one of the speakers. I assumed that one way to get a remote volume control was to use the card - probably eventually with Rune Audio or Volumio, For the moment I am using scripts and Alsamixer to do the set up and control. The volume is indeed controlled.


      However the sound output is distinctly poor - best described as "muddy" - so it looks as though the processing through the card clips something out of the signal. Or maybe there is an electrical mismatch somewhere.


      I plan to try two tests:


      1: to record from the line in and then play the recording through line out. No real reason why this should improve things but it might show a difference.

      2: to use a script that pipes the signal through an equaliser: no obvious reason why adding a stage would help but again worth a go.


      However have spent a fair time having to read lots of posts to get the basics working I wonder whether I am missing something  obvious - hence my question. Very grateful in advance for any suggestions or pointers.