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    Top Members Secret Santa - Unwrapped

      secret-santa-ninja.pngI don't know if everyone's aware, but there's a private section of the element14 Community for the Top Members, who are brought in by invite (as decided upon by the existing Top Members and the element14 team), where they discuss matters around the direction of the Community, where they help out with beta testing Community updates, and even test out new products, RoadTests & Reviews-style. But mostly they just go waaaaaay off-topic and descend into rants and raves about which Minion avatar is the strangest, or who has the biggest... soldering iron.


      Anyway, in December the Top Members all gathered together around the eggnog tree to exchange techno-gifts, which we (The Management) facilitated to some degree by way of distribution. Now, I know the Christmas season won't get into full swing again until late August, but their Secret Santa gifts are now arriving upon their workshop doorsteps.


      So I'd like to invite those Top Members to give us all a big unveiling of what they got, who their Secret Santa was and why they chose the gifts they did, and for the whole Community to join in with a few ideas on what these insane elite engineering eccentrics ("improved" meaning for IEEE?) can do with their hot tech gifts.


      Merry Christmas!



      Hmm? Oh, to become a Top Member is simple, but not easy. All you have to do is make a fantastic contribution to the element14 Community by way of great projects, insightful blogs, helpful suggestions (in Feedback and Support particularly) and generally spending all your free time on here enjoying yourself   Trust me, these guys see everything that happens, so your efforts aren't going unnoticed   Keep it up, and you'll be a Top Member in time for this year's Secret Santa!

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