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    RC Car with Pocket Bike engine!


      Hi everyone! I have a question on the title...
      I already have a fully working pocket bike, and one day I was seeing old stuff and saw an battery Rc car and started to think why not fuse them together?


      Besides building the chassis, that would be a "design" of mine and all that stuff, what would I need from the electronic part for the car fully operates the engine? Is there any type of tutorial to HOW TO? If so, thank you!

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          I think poket bike engines have centrifugal clutches. So the only thing needed would be a servomotor to drive the carburator (just like when you crank the gas lever).

          Just like in regular gas RC car/trucks.


          Then for the electronic, you will need an RC emitter and a receiver, in which you could plug both the direction and carburator servomotors.

          You will also need a batterie anda 5 volt regulator to power everything.


          Finally to make it complete a brake mechanism, with yet another servomotor might be a good idea

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              Thanks Benjamin, very much appreciated bro!
              So, basically I will need: one battery and a 5volt regulator, servomotor for the carb, servomotor for the braking system and the RC emitter and receiver? Nice, it's a good starting point

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                  Yes that and I imagine there already is a servomotor for the steering that you will need to wire up as well.

                  I suggest looking on bangood for all the R/C components, it is were I get all my servos and reciever ect... their shipping rate is unbeatable.


                  If I were you I would start by pulling out the engine and clamp it to a bench to try out the carburator, and see wether it will be easy or not to adapt it for it to be servomotor driven.

                  Then you will have to make a custom linkage (usualy bent steel rods) between the carb and the servomotor horn. From that point if you have your reciever, servo, battery and regulator you will be able to move the carb from your emitter.


                  And I think from there it is just a matter on mechanical linkage with the old drive train of your rc car. It seems to me that a drive belt/pulley mechanism would be best for ease of alignment.