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    Intel Edison Bluetooth SPP Connection Failure

    Duncan Fraser

      I've been trying to learn the ropes with the Intel Edison by reading "Make: Getting Started with Intel Edison"


      I am at the point where I am trying to connect my android tablet to the Edison to control and LED, but regardless of the app I am using (blueterm and Bluetooth SPP Pro) Iam getting the same response. It will connect for a second then disconnect. This is being reflected in the bluetoothctl window, it comes up saying connected then disconnected.


      I have been looking all through the internet and the only links I can find are just going through the exact same steps I have taken through the book, and not hinting at any issues or resolutions to my issue. The only thing I was able to find was reinstalling bluez5, but this then lead to the no bluetooth controler being found by bluetoothctl, so I am currently re-flashing the firmware to start again. If anyone has an idea on resolving this, or know where I can find a resolution it would be much appreciated.