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    Share A Design Tip to be included in our next Engineers eBook

      Let your fellow makers in on your design secrets here!


      Have you found a solution to a common design problem?  Have you found an easier / cheaper way to do something?


      Share your ideas with us for your chance to have your tip appear in Premier Farnell's edition of ebooks.


      It’s your opportunity to share with your peers and promote your ideas or business at the same time.

      Of course, please steer away from the obvious or too simple, such as ‘if you are writing software, take backups, OR drill holes this way instead of that way’.


      We would like to create an ebook to provide both inspiration and assistance that help readers create interesting and fun projects, whether they are trying to kickstart a business or simply developing something for their own home.


      Here’s some topics to get you thinking:

      • Using Maker boards – how do you get boards to do what you need, or configure boards to give you the inputs or outputs to do something cool?
      • Using Sensors – ideas for collecting information about what’s happening in the world, whether it’s temperature data or interfacing a camera...
      • Robotics and Controls – how do you control motors and movement? Ideas for making robots or simply just controlling a motor to close your curtains..
      • Displays – some boards have built-in displays, while don’t others? What are your best tips for displaying information in your projects?
      • IoT and Connectivity – soon almost everything will be connected, so tell us how you make it easier to get connected to the internet and transfer data...
      • Software development – what are your tips for writing better software, or just overcoming specific challenges? Show off your software expertise...
      • Just for fun – perhaps you’ve had a great idea for a new way of doing things, but aren’t sure if there are any serious uses. Tell us about your less serious tips and ideas!


      We’re looking for tips of around 40 to 50 words with a simple diagram or image. 


      Share your ideas as a comment on this discussion and we will be in touch with you to let you know if your tip will be included in the next edition of ebooks.