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      I've extended the enrollment period for the following RoadTest: TI Evaluation Module for ADS127L01 Delta-Sigma ADC


      If you are at all interested in the analog world, I think roadtesting this product is worth your time. If you are an engineering student, and you have the background, you should enroll in this RoadTest; it can give you some practical experience. If you are a seasoned pro, I would be interested in reading your application as well.



      How To Write a Successful RoadTest Application


      Your success at writing an application that will get you selected as an official RoadTester is very simple.


      Your application doesn't have to be a book or a manifesto, dissertation, or a term paper. Just tell me what you are going to do to test it!


      If you do not describe to me what you are going to do, I can't give you a recommendation to the supplier.


      If you want to use it in a project, tell me about the project. I don't need a background on delta-sigma ADC's that was pulled from Wikipedia, I suppose. I need to know your hands-on testing approach.


      If you are at all interested, please apply. Thanks.


      Randall Scasny

      RoadTest Program Manager