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    Question on Reputation


      On your page: Your Ranking: element14 Community Badges, Levels & Points


      You mention those who "have demonstrated a high level of participation and contribution" may be able to "participate in exclusive RoadTests and giveaways"

      I was wondering if you ever considered including posts also in the Intel Forum?


      I only ask, because your forums are very similar in coding and style, and I've yet to get help in these forums, so have had to use the Intel forums more for the Edison.... and have also helped there a bit. I figured, because the forums are so similar, you may be able to include the "helpful" counts by doing a cross-server PHP/SQL?


      I'd like to be able to be included in these roadtests more, but am limited by who is better on which forum to answer questions... which also splits my posts between two very similar forums.


      Thanks for the thought, feedback, and/or response in advance!

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