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    Off the points grid


      Are there any activities on the forum that yield less than 5 points?

      Some of us are on different point grids - for example my points go up on a 3 - 8 schedule (looking at the last digit of my points total) so at some point I must have scored something other than 5 or 10 points.

      Many members are on a 0 - 5 schedule but others are on a 2 - 7 schedule. etc.

      Are these off-grid totals just from some legacy activities, or are there still some activities that provide points that are not a multiple of 5?

      Can you tell when someone joined by what grid they are on?

      Bonus points if you remember which activities had different points....

      I sometimes ponder inane topics...

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          I have just scrolled down through my activity history for about 5 minutes. Fun fact: it seems there is no visible history older than 6 months.

          Then I searched for a string from "1 point" to "9 point" and found nothing.

          There is a mission (and I think there were more of them) for 1 point, so this is one of the things that disbalances the universe.


          EDIT: I am one of the people on "1 - 6" track.



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            Hi Doug,


            It probably relates to the totals we had before the last major upgrade when the badges began and the formula for points changed. I don't think they ever took any of our points away but suddenly our totals were in the new Jive setup.



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