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    how to make a bios.rom for gizmo 2


      I get a board of Gizmo 2 form element. I want to build a bios.rom for booting. But I failed many times.

      my method is that:

      1 I get the source code of coreboot


      2 under the "coreboot",make menuconfig->mainborad->gizmosphere,gizmo 2


      3 Deivces->Graphics initialization (Run VGA Option ROMs)


      4 payload->Add a payload (SeaBIOS) ,SeaBIOS version (1.10.2)


      5 make

      I get the "coreboot.rom",and I dowmload it to the Gizmo 2,the Monitor is no picture,I don't know the bios is start-up or not?

      Please help meadminChristy-Admintech_contentharnzaras123jimXOliver