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    IPC Compliant Footprint Wizard


      Does circuitstudio have the IPC Compliant Footprint Wizard that Altium does? Can't seem to find it anywhere


      Thank you!

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            No. But it would be great if they made that extension available for CircuitStudio.

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              In my view the best way to achieve this (which is arguably better than AD's now  slightly dated Valor IPC creation wizard) is to download Library_Expert_2017-15_Lite from https://www.pcblibraries.com/


              In Library Expet Lite:

              1. Create the footprint

              2. Click on the spanner icon to create the footprint.

              3. Set the following parameters (Obviously, the output directory is up to you)

              In CircuitStudio:

              1. Open a library project

              2. Select File -> Import

              3. Set the file type to: "PADS ASCII PCB Library (*.D)"

              4. Once the file is imported, Open the PCBLib library it's just created

              5. Click 3D Body

              6. Select "Generic 3D model"

              7. Click "Embed Generic 3D model"

              8. Select the file

              9. Click on the component origin to place the model

              10.Click Cancel on the 3D body dialog.

              11. press '3' to view the component in glorious 3D.


              Hope this helps




              For reference, CircuitCtudio applies the following layer translations:


              Altium Designer (PADS) LayerCircuit Studio Layer
              0Top Overlay
              1Bottom Overlay
              2Mechanical 3
              3Mechanical 4
              4Mechanical 5
              5Assembly Text Top
              6Assembly Text Bottom
              7Assembly Top
              8Assembly Bottom
              9Mechanical 10
              10Dimensions Top
              11Dimensions Bottom
              123D Top
              133D Bottom
              14Courtyard Top
              15Courtyard Bottom
              16Mechanical 17
              17Mechanical 18
              18Test Points Top
              19Test Points Bottom
              22Top Paste
              23Drill Drawing
              24Mechanical 21
              26Courtyard Top
              27Bottom Solder
              28Bottom Overlay
              29Courtyard Bottom
              30Mechanical 22
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