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    CES 2011 Vuzix unveils new AR glasses


      Companies at this year’s CES in Las Vegas are introducing some pretty interesting new gadgets. Not to be out-done, Vuzix has introduced their new augmented reality glasses that have clear lenses. The glasses, named Raptyr, look and wear like any conventional pair of glasses. However, through a holographic optics engine, the wearer can simultaneously view the real world around them and also computer generated content. The glasses include a 6-megapixel camera, standard VGA and USB interfaces and utilize Vuzix’s tracking and connectivity technology. These features enable a wide variety of mobile augmented reality applications, advanced information access and gaming capabilities to be brought to the wearer’s experience. Similar to watching a 70 inch flat panel screen from 10 feet away, the glasses are expected to be the most advanced eyewear ever delivered. EVER! So far the company hasn’t announced a release date but you can probably expect the Raptyr glasses to be available sometime in the first half of 2011. Are Vuzix’s glasses the next big technology to enhance the way we perceive our surroundings or are they to become an inevitable short-lasting fad?