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    Re: Dedicated Cryptocurrency Mining..


      Hi everyone... First time posting here.


      There's a idea that i've been toying with, but as with most things i have in mind.. I dont have the skills to attempt a Prototype!


      I am aware, that in the past.. people have used various PCB's in PC Towers, and altered the software related to it to either boost it's performance or change it's function.


      What i'd like to do, is to create a Dedicated Mining card & Create software that can select which script to use per card and what currency to mine for. Also have the Ability to Select how much power to dedicate per card.


      Obviously this would appeal more to those in Solo Mining rather than Professional / Group Mining. But it is my Opinion that areas such as this is a Untapped market and one in which would be more stable in Creating a Business Income.


      If anyone is interested out there in helping... It would be Much appreciated.. Many thanks in Advance.