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    Raspberry Pi 2 B screen adjust and build help


      Hey all im new in this forum but i see videos from youtube about Raspberry Pi projects , I need your help with adjust my screen that i found in my home to the Raspberry Pi ,

      that screen was from Digiframe that i dont need anymore and i want to adjust this screen to my project.

      Before you start read i apologize on my bad english


      My questions is :

      1.a.) I need Driver Board for this screen that i can connect to the RPi no?

      b.) if yes from where i can find the currect driver? (i need hdmi input for the RPI hdmi)

      c.) if no what should i do to connect this to RPi?

      (the screen is HITACHI TX26D01VM1CAA as you can see on the pictures)


      2.a.) To the screen i need to connect two lamps invertes (TAKAO-CA003 as you see on the pictures)

      b.) For what is this?

      c.) How much Voltage and Amper imput i need to give that?

      d.) I can use gpio of RPI to connect that and save the another transformer (one transformer is for the driver of the screen)? OR i can use USB from RPI to the imput ? OR i can use the driver board to connect this ?


      3.a.) After all finish with the screen issues i need to run some commands on the RPI for adjust and confirm the screen on RPI?


      the pictures :




      TNX FOR ALL !!!!