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    TBHS: Nintendo Switch Mods


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      Hey folks,


      As you may have seen, Max and I were pretty excited to each get a Nintendo Switch on launch day. We've quite enjoyed playing Zelda (though I haven't had as much time as I'd like to play). I'm loving the new console. The controllers fit my hands well. Going from portable to console and back again is a fast and easy transition. The 2.5hr battery life doesn't seem too limiting. Max is having problems with the controllers being too small for his hands in portable form. While the right joy con buttons and joystick are easily within my "thumb arc" and comfortable to use, he has to move his thumb more to access both. Max would prefer symmetrical controls.

      And there's that whole dock scratching the screen problem that everyone has been experiencing.


      Switch Controller

      But what mods would you like to see? Extended battery life for portable mode? Do you have an interesting idea for a Joycon mod? A cool dock mod?

        • Re: TBHS: Nintendo Switch Mods

          One simple idea (esp. for people who like symmetry and a more comfortable grip) is to put the Switch inside of a Wii-U gamepad. Some modifications would need to be made, for the d-pad > directional buttons, for instance. Personally, I'd like it to have concave analog sticks.

          It could be put on a dock and connect to the TV as the Switch works, but you'd use the Pro controller on your couch. You wouldn't be able to play games like 1-2 Switch, though... unless you had a couple more joycons and they could still be paired with the Wii-sUitch (urgh, terrible name).

          But it might be possible to fit in a larger, longer lasting battery on it, so that's another plus.


          Alternatively, Ben could just add thickness to the joycons.

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            Love the controller mods - but to me the craziest thing the Swotch can not do is work with a pair of Bluetooth headphones. What portable device in 2017 can't use a bluetooth audio? The simple solution that people have been using is a dongle - which seems unreasonable as that was a solution people were using 8+ years ago. Can you add a Bluetooth module inside the switch dedicated for audio?

            • Re: TBHS: Nintendo Switch Mods

              Sorry to resurrect a possibly dead post. Just wanted to say that first.


              So I've just recently started using a Switch and tried Breath of the Wild on it. Right from the get go, I've had issues with the right joy-con. The analog stick is in a poor location for games like Zelda or Mario Odyssey (I'm positive I messed up the spelling for that, but I don't care, it's close enough) as it feels like a battle between using the analog stick and the buttons.


              My possible solution to this:


              More or less putting something like the New Nintendo 3ds's 2nd analog stick in the middle of the ABXY buttons and having it deactivate when not being used as part of a pair.


              Reasoning: Small, low profile, would be hard to accidentally hit, always there when you need it yet out of the way when you don't.


              Potential issues with implementing:

              The deactivation feature would require its own added coding, and I'm unsure of how much is known about it's programming.

              Getting the calibration to go well.

              Just getting the switch to accept an altered joy-con like that.


              Thanks for reading, and again, sorry about the potential necro.