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    IGBT Motor Controller


      I built a go-kart a few years back and used a CM600 IGBT for the controller.  It died on me one day without any warning, and I'm thinking about rebuilding the controller.

      I'm looking for some input on IGBT drive circuits.  I was just PWM'in the gate, and I think it just lached up on me.  I was told that my driver needed dead time and a strong pull down for

      solid turn off.  I'm looking for my old driver schematics, but I fear they are lost in some old discarded hard drive.  The motor was an aircraft 14VDC starter motor approx. 1HP.

      I was driving it with 2 marine deep cycle batteries in series.  I had a calibrated shunt in series with the GND, and it was drawing 350A at full load.

      I'm probably going to start from scratch with the new controller, any input from anyone with this size motor controller experience would be appreciated.

      Here's a pic of the kart before I added the controller:


      Here's a link to a video when the kart was just built running at 12V



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          Hi Scott,


          Sorry I can't help but I am interested and so I want to be linked in to see what advice you get and how the re-engineering turns out.



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            I found a paper copy of the system schematic, but not the controller schematic.  The controller isn't very complicated, I'm running the controller from 2x12v sealed batteries,

            regulating to +15V for IGBT gate drive and +5V for the rest, I'm using a TL491 for the PWM to a UC3708 Driver.  The PWM duty cycle is controlled by a variable resistor on the throttle pedal scaled by an op-amp.  I put a big 400A flyback diode on the IGBT for protection, I'm not sure the exact failure mode of the system.  I need to set up a test bench and check each part of the system.  I assume the IGBT is cooked, but maybe not.........to be continued......



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