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    Make: Electronics Second Edition.   Experiment 11 NO SOUND!


      The Experiment is called "Light and Sound".


      It has you walk through setting up some Transistors to make an LED blink.  Then you swap out some resistors and add a capacitor to make the LED fade out.


      Then it says:


      Remove the LED, the 470-ohm resistors, and the 220µF capacitor, and substitute a little loudspeaker, a 100µF coupling capacitor, and a 1K resistor.


      First, there is no explanation of what a 'coupling' capacitor is compared to a regular capacitor.  I bought a kit so I'm not sure if I'm using the wrong capacitor or not.  There all little cans except for these tiny orange and a blue one which are kind of square and the regular round ceramic capacitors.


      I get absolutely no sound.  Just a click and a pop sound and only when add power quickly.


      I thought maybe if I went further with the instructions I'd get something so I completed the build further down where you basically repeat the build above with additional resistors and adding the speaker.  Still no sound!


      No clue what I'm doing wrong.  I verified the speaker works by testing it with my set of "Snap Circuits".