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        Has anyone gotten the 7" BB-view to work with the current recommended image from 3-1-2015? 

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          as a beginner i thank you so much for this!


          It worked out well until I got to the part, where I should copy the ne kernel to the "/boot/uboot" directory on the BBB.


          I was able, to copy the file to the BBB, even to different directories. But on my beagle, i cannot find "boot/uboot".
          If i am in "root@beaglebone:/boot#"  and run "ls",  it shows me other files (,am335....dtb, omap....dtb, uImage, uEnv.txt) but no other folder..

          So my questions are:

          Where can I find the correct directory and what is the name of the "old" kernel i have to overwrite ?


          Would be great, if you could help me!

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            Hello everyone,


            i recently bought the BB-View 7' for one hundred euros and now i am totally frustrated !!


            1.) I downloaded the image of TI -> works fine including the touchpad, but only demo-functions. Great, it's not possible to leave this demo...

            2.) With an old debian image 3.8.13-bone47 ( the original image when i bought this part ), i bring it to work. Everything is fine, but the Touchpad doesn't work correct

                 X and Y swapped, why ? on the shop page i read "debian support".

            3.) So i tried the descriptions of Louis.

                 Everything works until the line "./tools/rebuild.sh" there comes an error not finding BB-VIEW-LCD7-01-00A0.dtbo --> thats clear because in the Angstrom Sources

                 there is no BB-VIEW-LCD7-01-00A0.dts there is only A1,A2,A3,A4. So trying A4 but no luck.

                 why ? on the shop page i read "debian support".

            4.) Next point : in the image described above there is a /uboot/ folder with a zImage. In the currrent image there is no "zImage" anymore . The folder /boot/uboot is empty.

                 Instead there are a lot of other files, so copying a zImage to this folder doesn't have any effect.

            5.) I cannot find any Angstrom image that automatically flashes to eMMc. All that i have tried are only booting from sd-card. So i cannot try the bb-view with angstrom


            No my question to anyone visiting this forum :

            a) Is there any solution to swap X and Y without kernel modification/compilation/patching.... ?

            b) Is there a possibility to work with bb-view without spending days of searching for solutions, and without compiling a new kernel ?

            c) Why there is no real support for debian, the BBB is shipped with debian no with angstrom ?

            d) Why is nobody of element14 or farnell interested in a solution. Do they only sell and forget ?


            Maybe i have to say i am a programmer, and not a "kernel-patcher" or "linux-freak".

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              Did you happen to see http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1780810.pdf . This warning at the top tells all.


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                Thanks for your answer, but believe me i read it more than once. And if you search in this document for "debian" -> 0 matches.

                So i think this pdf is old and useless, because it describes angstrom but in the meantime bbb is shipped with debian.

                And as i wrote above , the description in this pdf of ti-sdk works.


                But i gave it a last try, and i found a way to make it work ! ( Ok it's not the newest debian, but it works and you don't have to compile soemthing )

                1.) Download and install following this debian image :  debian.beagleboard.org/images/BBB-eMMC-flasher-debian-7.5-2014-05-14-2gb.img.xz

                2.) Download "Debian Image" and unzip from here : element14: BB View LCD Cape Software Download Centre[1]

                3.) Copy the files from 2 to BBB ( i copied it to /home/debian ) and execute following commands :

                $ cp -f /home/debian/zImage /boot/uboot

                $ cp -f /home/debian/*.dtb /boot/uboot/dtbs

                $ tar -xvf /home/debian/kernel_modules.tar.gz -C /

                $ cp -f /home/debian/xorg.conf /etc/X11/

                $ sudo nano /boot/uboot/uEnv.txt                ( Edit uEnv.txt and insert the following two lines )





                ( Save and Exit )

                $ sync


                5.) Shutodown BBB, attach BB-VIEW and reboot, that's it

                6.) And by the way : When you calibrate the touchscreen, be sure that you don't have a mouse attached. Otherwise it does'nt work correct ( in my case X-Y switched ).

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                  I already got my BB-View 4.3 up and running since a few months. Since I'm not an expert in these hw topics and linux related things I need some helps with adjusting the screen brightness (backlight).

                  The 4D LCD capes are using some simple commands:


                  cd /sys/class/backlight/backlight.10/

                  echo 100 > brightness


                  I had a look into the DTS and found on line 68 "pwm_bl_pins" which are set to "gpmc_a2.ehrpwm1a".

                  If I understood it correctly it should be addressable at "/sys/class/pwm/xxx".

                  But there is nothing useable at this path.


                  Any help on screen brightness adjusting would be great.







                  after some time I found the solution.

                  For anyone who also needs this


                  e.g. to set the backlight to 50% brightnesst use...


                  echo 50 > /sys/class/backlight/backlight.11/brightness

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                    Hi Keith,

                    I'm having a go myself right now. Of all the "info" I've trawled through only that posted by

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                      I'll answer this myself.

                      Operating the product has been a nightmare. Forum assistance is left wanting. So many red herrings etc etc.

                      For example - loading the latest and greatest debian image to get the BBView to work. Yep - it works, but then I couldn't SSH into the device. I need SSH to install the headers so i can get the wifi dongle to work. Surely an image release must insure that core functionality still works.

                      Having to rebuild the kernal to get things to "work" ? What on earth are you playing at?


                      Right - after much head banging...... I found Windows toolchain for Beaglebone. Jesus! But I had to do other stuff too. I installed  beaglebone-gcc4.6.3-Debian-r2.exe (282 MB) onto an SD card. I then installed a tool (can't remember - but its online) that generates dtbo files from dts/dtb (again can't remember the specifics but its online). I moved the dtbo file to /lib/firmware. The BBView did not work - BUT - the Circuico LCD7 DID! I was able to SSH too! Miracle! I installed the qt toolchain and now I have this:

                      Lawry Solutions Beaglebone


                      It shouldn't be this difficult to get this far.........

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