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    Tablet LCD Screen for Raspberry Pi?



      I'm trying to make a portable Raspberry Pi.

      Now i want to make it with an LCD screen. so i found a unused LCD screen from a Asus Tablet.
      But it has a LVDS connection (if i'm right)


      Is there a way that i can use this Asus Tablet LCD for my raspberry Pi?
      Please let me know if i need to buy somethings or if it just wont work at all.

      Kind regard,

      Wxam (Matthew)

      (PS: Sorry if the Sentence's are somewhat unclear i'm Dutch)

        • Re: Tablet LCD Screen for Raspberry Pi?

          Potentially yes, search eBay for LVDS driver boards.

          You'll need the part number from your screen to see if one is available.


          Once I finally find my spare screen I'm going the same way  but cost has to  be taken into account. The driver boards are between £5 and £25 if memory serves and the official 7" screen is about £60 ish.


          The official screen will denfinately work exactly as advertised, a spare LCD with LVDS driver could  be great or it could be sub-optimal.

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