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    Rasp Pi 3 - Max SD card size




      I tried countless times to get the Rpi2 to boot from a 64Gb SD 10 card, on all different Linux OS flavours but to no avail. Does the RPi3 work with anything bigger than a 32Gb SD card ? And if so whats the max size.






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          Follow this link it will show you that 64GB has been tested and worked.  Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



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            Not all SD cards are equal! Check out RPi SD cards - eLinux.org


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              Thanks for your answers everyone, so basically take one that has been tried and tested already from the link Clem sent out. Otherwise spend up to 20 hours (like me) trying and failing to get the thing to boot !

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                I run two sdcards on my pi 3.


                SAMSUNG EVO+ 32GB UHS-1/HC-1

                SANDISK PIXTOR 64GB UHS-1/HC-1


                Of the two, I prefer the Samsung which offers better/faster write speeds (20MB/s)  in Raspbian/Debian Jessie.


                To use the 64GB sdcard, you have to format it as fat32 (not exfat), I used diskpart to clean the sdcard, then partitioned and formatted 32GB of it as fat32 (the remainder is left unformated) Afterwards, I simply expanded the 32GB file system to 64GB via sudo raspi-config.


                (Edited for clarity on how to use 64GB sdcard on pi3)

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                    Hi All,


                    The issue is one that I haven't seen addressed by manufacturers yet:  The BIOS on most portable devices at least (phones and the Pi for example) are incapable of addressing larger than 32GB.  The same goes for bootable USB drives on computers...  They are only programmed to understand certain formatting types, and they usually will only understand FAT32 at the highest level, which maxes out at 32GB addressing.  Hopefully someday soon manufacturers will incorporate exFAT in their BIOS programming.  And how cool would it be if they could read EXT4?


                    Anyway, so Rive's solution makes sense once you understand this...  He created a base partition on a larger chip that was under that 32GB limit, formatted it as FAT32 (which the BIOS can interpret), and then had to basically create an extension via a different partition to be able to use the remainder of the space.  Honestly, from having to do similar myself on various computers over the years, I can tell you it is an imperfect and annoying solution.  For these purposes, you will probably ultimately want to just use a 32GB card for the OS to boot from, use for temporary memory, and most common files, and use other media for your main file storage.  (I haven't tried it yet on my Pi3, but I have a 1TB USB stick that I want to play using the Pi3 as a portable media player.)


                    Hope that helps make sense of things!

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                    The maximum size of sd memory card for Raspberry pi 3 is 64Gb. Some of the pi board support I think you need to see your raspberry pi board benchmark. Benchmark gives you detailed information about your raspberry pi board. When you need to format your sd card then visit this website.

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                        That isn't true.  I currently have Raspbian installed on my Raspberry Pi 3 that is 100GB+ (128GB I think).  I will check on brand/capacity.

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                            updates? I’m about to buy the biggest memory i can an need to know b4 i buy the wro one thank you

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                                Hi Jonathan,


                                There is a page where people have left feedback about which microSD cards they have confirmed working, and although the list is old, it confirms that 128GB micro SD cards can function with the Pi 3. See here: https://elinux.org/RPi_SD_cards

                                However, are you sure you want to do that? I personally wouldn't, for this single reason:

                                The higher-capacity cards are more expensive, especially the higher-performance cards. High numbers of write cycles could damage them, they were not designed for running Linux.


                                Linux doesn't require 128GB of space (it won't perform any better), you could easily use a lower-cost 8-32GB microSD card for the Pi. Make sure it is a high-performance card.

                                If it ever fails, you don't lose anything except a small amount of money.

                                For all your file storage (and even applications if you desire, and your home folder) you could use USB SSD. SSDs designed for frequent read/writes.

                                Personally I'd buy a lower-capacity card, and if you ever find yourself needing extra storage at any point, then consider USB SSD or a network storage device (NAS).


                                Anyway, in summary, if you really need such high volumes of storage on a microSD, then 128GB is supported according to that URL.

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                            I have a Pi 3 and Zero with 64gb cards.  The 64gb Pi 3 is also connected to 1TB USB HDD. They work fine.


                            The rest of my Pi 3 and Zeros run 32GB cards.


                            A 128gb might work if properly formatted and partitioned. Not sure the cost of a 128gb card  is worth it.

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