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    How to update date and Time in Raspberry Pi


      I have purchased a Raspberry Pi 3 model B in August 2017. I am unable to set up Date and Time. Every time I turn on the hardware, It shows date - 12 April  2017.

      I have tried setting it up with  Sudo raspi-config but could not do it.

      Please guide me on the procedure.


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          Roger Wolff

          The raspberry pi does not have the hardware to keep track of the date and time when it is turned off. It therefore tries to get the time from the network whenever it boots. I'm guessing you don't have an internet connection when the pi starts back in april.....

          You could have bought a PC for about 1000 euros. but you bought a raspberry pi for 40. There are some compromises.

          I haven't run into this problem for ages: Apparently the assumption: "you often have an internet connection" works for me.

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            Here is an example of the date command which can be used to set the time/date if the Raspberry Pi is not connected to the internet:


            #sudo date --set='TZ="America/Chicago" 8 Oct 2017 14:32'


            Note that the use of the "nornal" backward ticks after --set= and at the end of the command are required to keep the shell (bash) from

            misinterpreting special characters in the command line.


            The time zone (TZ=) will have to be set according to where you are of course and the time is in 24 hour format.