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    Commodore 64 Laptop


      I’m a new user to TBHS, and have been watching his videos, i especially loved the vid’s on the Atari hand held console, and the Apple 1 build.


      after watching these I felt inspired, and I have at home a couple of C64’s that still work but no PSU, or disk drive, but I do have a working dataset.


      so i thought, could I use this hardware to rebuild it into a case with a 19” LCD screen and give me self a C64 I can carry round with me, a decent sized screen, as I have a 19” LCD screen in 4:3 format, but seeing as I have two C64’s I could also use parts from the other C64 to do some mod’s like the stereo SID chip mod, use an SD card for the disk drive.


      So I welcome some suggestions from the community and Ben himself, about my project, inspired by some of ben’s creations.


      Talk Soon