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    Computer Vision, OpenCV + Maths


      I love learning things, and maths - as much as i hated it at school (Why do i need this?) In my older years, I'm starting to see why.


      The previous version of my robot had camera and laser mounted on the same appendage so the maths was pretty much simple simple.  separating the two has been somewhat of a challenge and a rewarding one, the code is still quite raw and im sure i can make it more responsive but the initial results are amazing.


      So here we are using the focal length of the camera to determine the distance to the object based on its given size (18cm)  and then using the triangle similarity method to determine how far off center the target is to compute the cartesian coordinates of the object concerned. The offset is then recalculated on the appendage that is 11 cm off center and the polar coords are delivered.