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    Getting Started for a Project - Neo Geo CD Emulator with Cd-rom


      Hello, i'm manuele from italy.

      I'm a videogame entusiast since many many years and i would like to try make a project starting from 0 knowledge about raspberry pi and his possibilities, i would like to ask some question with you and people already deep in this world if i can see my project is capable of being realized.

      The emulation scene is really strong today and by time people was able to make emulators for pretty much any system available, one of them is about the NEO GEO CD (Neogeo-sdl), was ported from dos/windows to Playstation2, Original Xbox and Dreamcast.

      This emulator has a cool feature that let you play directly by using original cd-rom games, and for people into the retrogaming scene, it's really o cool feature since the original gaming hardware is famous for having long time loadings and bad reliability overall.


      I would like to know if should be possible to made a new "system" by using this emulator (ported or re-coded) + cd-rom on the raspberry Pi.

      What i would like to have is a new "machine" that straight boots into this emulator and let you play the games on a tv by reading the discs, just like the same emulator does on the other consoles or windows itself.


      Do you think this is a project that could be done or i just be dreaming about too much?