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    Locating Polls in a Place


      I can create a discussion in a place called Project14 but I cannot seem to create a poll in the same place.

      When creating a Poll and specifying its place:

      Typing in the first few letters brings up a pop-up list that includes Project14, but it is grayed out.

      A second issue:

      If I try to scroll down the list of groups, it scrolls alphabetically, but it will not scroll further down than the letter L.

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          Hi Doug,


          I was able to replicate this issue by logging out and attempting to create a poll as a non admin in Project14 and it did not allow me.


          This is not by design, as far as I am aware, and it makes no sense that you wouldn't be able to create a poll in that space.


          The only thing I can think of is that this may be related to the Jive update, can't say for sure until someone can fill me in why this might be the case.


          I've moved your poll over to the Project14 space and I will launch a ticket for this with the dev team.


          Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


          Not sure why that would be happening, the only thing I can think of is its a bug.


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