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      Dear E14 Team,


      After replying yesterday to mkoombes@shaw.ca post about new joiners using the Element14 site it made me have a look at the front page (when logged on)


      Someone new to the site probably won't know where to look at the start but will likely find stuff of interest nevertheless. I agree it does take a while to get to grips with the Jive/E14 website and where things are located and during that time could turn away some valuable new members.


      The search bar doesn't appear obvious to me ! That might sound strange as it is at the top and slightly larger than the surrounding content - perhaps the orange mail icon detracts from it for me or maybe because there is already text in it? Typing 'Welcome' in the search might be a typical new joiners approach and will show some posts but not a specific group where a new joiner can get settled in. I note the Welcome New Members! is a good introduction but perhaps lost somewhat. Maybe there could be a group called 'Welcome' or 'New Joiners' or both. Could that group get its own button under the 'Content'? A 'New Joiners' group would allow people to say hello as in many other online forums and to start to get settled in to asking questions; they would get the encouragement from E14 members posting comments and clicking like.


      Another group that would be helpful, and from the new joiners group they could be directed to, would be a 'sandbox' - somewhere where everyone can try out those experiments with Jive and the community would understand why that post is there. For example I wanted to see how to make content from one group get notified to those in another. If I mess around for too long posting things in the main groups it starts to get messy and confusing for everyone. If it were in the sandbox then members could just ignore that content (or comment if relevant).


      ps: I'm not trying to detract from the great E14 site content or to annoy those long term members who are happy with E14 site, just making suggestions



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          Hi Rod,


          Good points, I was thinking about it last night too, after seeing that post.

          You're right it is easy to miss the search bar sometimes, people may only look at the blue bar and below, so maybe some tweak to the way the search box looks could help.

          I like that there are different ways for people to use the site, (the top three ways I use are either to type into the search box, or to go to Activity->Most Recent [I have that pinned as my default view in Activity] or to go to things in the blue menu apart from the Content menu item).

          I had these suggestions:

          1. In the blue menu bar, maybe the text 'Participate' should be instead named 'Why Join?' or 'Why Participate?' because people might think that's the link to click on to participate, but it isn't.

          2. In the 'Content' and 'Discuss' menus, maybe the first item could be 'Recent Activity', i.e. the same as if someone had clicked on the top-right Activity button and then clicked 'Most Recent'.  It does extend the content inside these menus, but could be a catch-all perhaps, for anyone who really doesn't know where to click, and they may as well see the most recent content.

          3. (Unsure about this one - maybe not worth changing this) - Maybe the 'Content' menu in the blue bar needs to be positioned elsewhere, to reduce the chance of it being the first thing people click on, because that contains links to blog posts, discussions etc in a format that isn't as friendly as all the other formats. But I don't have a solution what to rename it to, or where it could go : (

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            The search bar doesn't appear obvious to me ! That might sound strange as it is at the top and slightly larger than the surrounding content


            I often find that the "What's going on?" text entry box and the search box are too close to one another - I  nearly end up posting my search string to the forum instead of the search engine.

            (I've seen other members who appear to have done just that with their status updates.)

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              Another idea might be a couple of short introductory screencast videos 'walking' the new user through the site and pointing out the various features and terminology in use.


              Perhaps do an initial overview tour of the site as one video, then add a couple of follow-up videos on the likes of:

              • creating your first blog post
              • joining a discussion
              • using the text editor to format your content more effectively
              • ...and so on


              One downside to the video approach is if the site layout changes significantly, then the videos will likely require redoing to still make sense to a new user.

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                Unfortunately I find the front page is filled with enticing links that don't really encourage new people to try to understand the site.


                However it is improving and appears cleaner than in the past.

                Typing help in the search engine gave this :-

                Clicking on help got me this


                Which is not exactly what I'd be looking for.



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