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    Suggestion: MiniDisc Audio Player into a Data Drive like in "The Matrix"


      In the first Matrix movie, we see Neo uses Minidiscs to store data.

      In real life, a device like this was never made, and regular Minidiscs could only ever store Audio, there was never a way to just use it as file storage.


      It would be cool if Ben Heck converted and hacked an old portable MiniDisc player to read/write data files to the discs somehow. If there's anyone who could make this into a reality, it's the TBHS team.

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          There was a data version of the minidisc. Sony tried a few times but it just never caught on. MD Data, Hi-MD were the two versions they came up with. They had devices like the PIT-IN designed to read/write data from the discs. I imagine if you search around online you might be able to find drives/discs but they won't be cheap.

          Converting a pure audio unit to do data would be very challenging seeing the units were explicitly designed to prevent that kind of access.

          I think if you just wanted some kind of cool looking, movie prop type storage I would hack apart a USB thumb drive and give it an interesting enclosure. MiniDisc never really delivered on its promise and are tricky to work with. I had several of the units and happily walked away when I moved onto MP3 players with hard drives in them.

          -- Chris