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    New Pi 3 Model B+ won't boot


      Received the newest Pi 3 Model B+ a couple of weeks ago and found it wouldn't boot.  The system would hang on the color splash screen and the Activity LED remained off.  I contacted element14 and they were kind enough to quickly sent a replacement when it became available.  However, the replacement has the same problem.


      I've tried a few different micro sd cards that boot properly in my other Pi 3's but they all result in the same symptom on the latest model B+.


      What I know for sure: The power supply(s) and micro SD cards that were used for testing the new boards are good.


      Have I overlooked something about the new model that's causing it to not read/boot from my existing cards?  Have I received two faulty boards?


      Any help would be appreciated - thanks!

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          To answer my own question, I found this in the FAQ:


          "Will the microSD card and Operating System from my previous model of Raspberry Pi work with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+?
          No, if you are using Raspbian you will have to update it first. On your existing Raspberry Pi you can run the following commands from the terminal while connected to the internet:

          sudo apt-get update
          sudo apt-get upgrade
          sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

          sudo rpi-update

          Alternatively, you can download the latest SD Card image from raspberrypi.org/downloads."


          My tunnel vision (or location of my head) must have prevented my seeing the above the first time through the FAQ.  Sorry for the wasted bandwidth and the trouble for element14.

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              I also purchased a new RPi 3B+ with case, power supply and Element 14 Noobs card from my supplier.  It won't boot and I just get the coloured screen.  I put the Noobs card in my RPi 3B and it booted and installed.  I then followed your instructions above and put it back in the RPi 3B+.  It still won't boot.  Looks like Element 14 cards are incompatible with the 3B+.  This is very disappointing and unlike RPi and Element 14.

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                  I didn't have an opportunity to follow up my reply yesterday because the element14 site was being serviced.  Your posting reminded me to follow up.


                  I experienced something similar to what you described, Gregory.  Updating the existing SD card didn't resolve the issue.  What worked for me was to go to raspberrypi.org/downloads and download the "RASPBIAN STRETCH WITH DESKTOP" image.  I used Win32diskimager-1.0.0-install.exe to install the image on the SD card.  The new Pi 3 B+ now boots properly.


                  I hope this helps.

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                      I had the exact same problem, color screen, lightning bolt indicator.  I thought maybe my power supply was too weak, but no.  Using the newest NOOBS download solved it.


                      I had the December 2017 NOOBS and thought that was good enough and it is not.  So the suggestions above are correct, you probably can do a full sudo apt-get upgrade.  What I did was:


                      -- inserted a micro SD card into my laptop SD card slot

                      -- formatted the SD card using Windows to clean it fully.  Formated with FAT32.

                      -- downloaded the March 2018 NOOBS zip file, onto my Windows machine, from Raspberry Pi at https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/noobs/

                      -- unzipped the file on my Windows machine

                      -- copied the all the unzippped files onto the clean and formatted micro SD card

                      -- put the micro SD card into the RPi 3B+ and it booted fine.  It takes a while to unpack (and partition), but it worked perfectly.

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