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    How to connect a Wolfson Audio Card to a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B




      Please forgive this question from a newbie.


      I recently bought a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (v1.2) and a Wolfson Audio Card. I have fallen at the first hurdle, as I cannot connect the two together!


      There is a section of 2x20 upright pins on the Raspberry Pi, a subset of which look like they should connect to the 13x2 holes of similar size on the Raspberry Pi. But I'm not clear at what end of the set of 20 pins to put the 13 holes!


      On the Wolfson Audio Card, there are 8 downward connectors, which look as if they are to make contact with something on the card. I've read about P5 areas, but my card does not have a series of 8 contacts next to the upright pins.


      Also, there is a tall screw pillar on the Wolfson Audio Card, but if lined up with the 2x20 pins, there is no corresponding hole on the Raspberry Pi.


      My understanding from the site is that my Raspberry Pi 3 is the latest model, and that Wolfson Audio Card is compatible with any "Revision 2 Raspberry Pis onwards". Therefore surely it is compatible somehow?


      I'm sure I'm missing something obvious!


      Many thanks,